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100 Days of Summertime 2015 eBook | 100DaysofSummertime.com

The 100 Days of Summertime eBook, updated for 2015, is a journey that begins around Memorial Day, and leads you day-by-day through the best parts of summertime right up to September. Each day offers a task, activity, or reminder to help inspire and motivate you throughout the summertime. It also includes calendars and a workbook of 37 lists from ListPlanIt.com for

• end-of-school planning,
• summer camp,
• holidays,
• family vacations,
• party planning/entertaining,
• back to school and
• more!

It is all you need to make this your best summer yet!

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Here is an excerpt of the first 10 pages. . .

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100 Days of Summertime 2015 Binder



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What Readers Said about Previous Editions:

“I just downloaded the book and took a quick skim and it looks fantastic!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to use it this summer. I honestly read every single page of the 100 days to christmas and always had so much fun seeing what was in store next. It really did keep me more organized and I DEFINITELY need that this summer.” – Jen of  A Daily Dose of Davis

“Your work is fantastic and I’m really impressed and thrilled to have such a a comprehensive summer resource for this year.  I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, for the past few summers to create such a binder and now you have done it for me and everyone else who tries your amazing book. “ – Annie

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